When you are working in your livestock tracker adding actual sales or purchases, you have the ability to attach supporting files or documents. These files will be attached to the Xero invoice on saving the transaction. You'll then be able to view the files in both Figured, and in Xero.

Attaching a file in Figured

To attach a file in your livestock tracker, you'll need to be raising an actual sale or purchase.

On checking post to Xero, you'll be shown the attachments option. You can then choose to attach any file, provided it's less than 25MB in size and is in line with Xero's supported file types. Figured supports attaching multiple files.

As soon as you save the transaction, the invoice will be raised in Xero with any details you entered, including the attached files.

Viewing the attached file - Figured

If you'd like to view a previously attached file in Figured, you'll need to be in your livestock tracker and in View transactions.

Use the filters to display your transaction, and click View.

That will open up your Figured transaction for you to view. Click Attachments > ... > Download on any file you wish to view.

Viewing the attached file - Xero

If you'd like to view a previously attached file in Xero, you will need to open the Xero invoice. You can get to the Xero invoice by using one of two ways:

  • Open the invoice from Figured

  • Manually navigate to the invoice in Xero

To open it directly from Figured, you'll want to be in View transactions and filtered for your transaction. Click on the Xero status link (it will say Posted / Paid / Approved / Deleted if it has a Xero link):

That'll open up the invoice for you in Xero, and then you'll be able to see and download any attached files.

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