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Applying products in your product tracker
Applying products in your product tracker
How to apply or use the products you've got on hand
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If you've used one of your products on the farm for your crops or your other production types, and you'd like to track this movement on Figured, then you'll need to Apply it in your product tracker. 

That way, we can keep track of the costs which have contributed to your production.

Head into your product tracker by going to Operations > Trackers

Once in there, click Add transaction > Add application.

You can only add an application for products you have on hand in your Product tracker.


Application information

When adding an application transaction, you'll need to enter the following information:

  • Type (actual / forecast)

The ability to add it as an actual or forecast depends on your global date settings at the top of your screen.

In the above screenshot, I can raise an actual application between June 2022 - October 2022, or a forecast from November 2022 onwards.

  • Application date

This is an accrual or profit date, no cash date is required as applying a product doesn't have an impact on your bank accounts bottom line.

  • Notes

This can be any additional notes you want to record against an application.

  • The item you're applying (using)

Using the drop down menu select an item loaded into your product tracker. You will also be able to confirm how much of this product you are going to use. Once you’ve confirmed all of the above information click next.

  • The associated account (sales/purchase)

This is your preferred accounting account which should be associated with the application of product.

  • Quantity and price

The quantity of product that you're applying, this can be recorded as a total unit or unit / area e.g. tonnes / hectare.

Along with that, you'll enter a price which is $ / unit e.g. $ / kg. Filling in the quantity and price will auto-populate the total amount for you.

  • Tracker and Field Distribution

Select the tracker you are applying the product. You will also see what fields are being used in this tracker and review the application rate and cost/income per field.

For example if you are growing Wheat across three fields, and you wanted to apply fertiliser to each field at different rates, you can manually adjust this once you select your tracker. Once you are happy with the distributions and use of product, click save.

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