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Crop seasons: Application transactions
Crop seasons: Application transactions

Recording an application in your crop season

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As part of your crop season, you can add several different transactions or movements. One of those is the ability to record an application.

An application is how you record the use of a product you currently have on hand. For example, if you have 100 kg of fertiliser on hand and wish to use or attribute some of that to your Corn growing, you would add an application.

Applications help build a more complete cost-of-production report.

Adding an application

You can only add an application for products you have on hand in your Product tracker.

You can only add an application for products you have on hand in your Product tracker.

Application information

When adding an application transaction, you'll need to enter the following information:

  • Type (actual / forecast)

Adding the application as an actual or forecast depends on your global date settings at the top of your screen.

  • Application date

This is an accrual or profit date; no cash date is required as applying a product doesn't impact your bank account's bottom line.

  • Notes

This can be any additional notes you want to record against an application.

  • The item you're applying

This is a pre-defined list of products, including things like fertiliser, herbicide or LPG, along with other crops/products like Hay or Linseed.

If you'd like to apply something not on this list, head to your Product Tracker and add a new Product. Then, you can add an application to this new product.

  • Quantity

Enter how much of the selected product you are applying. You will also notice you can see how much of the product is on hand at the selected date (in the below example 100t)

Once you have completed the above steps, you can click Next

  • The associated account (sales/purchase)

This is the accounting account that should be associated with the application of the product.

  • Quantity and price

The quantity of product you're applying. This can be recorded as a total unit or unit/area, e.g. tonnes/hectare.

You'll also enter a price of $ per unit, e.g. $ per kg. Filling in the quantity and price will auto-populate the total amount for you. This information will auto-populate based on the information recorded in your product tracker. However, these figures can still be manually adjusted to reflect any changes since you initially recorded the product on hand.

After you have completed the above steps, click Next

  • Tracker & Field distribution

Tracker and Field distribution is how you nominate the fields you'll apply. First, you will select the tracker the application will be recorded against.

After you’ve selected your tracker, you can record how the application will be utilised. For example, if you are growing Barley across three fields, and you want to apply fertiliser to only two fields, you could deselect the field the application isn’t being made on.

When you’re happy with your product application, select Save

What's next

When a product has been applied, the quantity on hand in the Product tracker will be lowered.

As you enter applications, they will appear under your crop season Costs section, and your crop season KPIs will update accordingly, as per below.

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