Head to Operations > Properties to see your list of existing properties and their fields.

Click Edit and it'll open up another window where you can adjust:

  • Asset type (Rural or Residential property)

  • Name

  • Title (Owned or Rented)

  • Purchase date 

  • Associated fields


Adding new fields

To add a new field to your property, click + Add field. This will add another field to your list where you can define:

  • Field name

  • Total area

  • Effective area

  • Irrigated or non-irrigated

  • Title (Owned or Rent)

  • Status (Active or Inactive)

NOTE: The combined area (total and effective) of your fields will decide the total area of your property.

Update existing fields

To edit an existing field, click the pencil icon. In here, you can edit your existing field information (which will affect historical information on your farm) or you can add a field change.

Updating a field (click the pencil icon):

Adding a field change (click + Add a field change):

A field change would be something like the effective area increasing or decreasing. 

NOTE: All field changes require an effective date which is newer than the fields overall effective (start) date.


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