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Updating existing properties and fields
Updating existing properties and fields

How to edit a properties details or field information

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Head to Operations > Properties to see your list of existing properties and their fields. From here, click the Edit button on the property you want to make changes to.

This will open the editing view which gives you the option to edit different segments within the selected property. The options are:

  • Property Name

  • Asset type (Rural or Residential property)

  • Address

  • Purchase date

  • Title (Owned or Rented)

  • Fields and their details

Update existing fields

To edit an existing field, click the pencil icon on the field you want to edit. In here, you can edit your existing field details.

With the edit view open on a field you will see the field history appear, as well as a New row.

If your field details have changed e.g. you move a fence and the field area has changed, you will need to update the details in the New row, including the “Effective Date” when these changes occurred. The effective date must be be more recent than the fields current effective date.

If the current field details were entered incorrectly, these can be edited in the Current row. The same goes for the field history which will be displayed in the Previous row/s. The effective date is uneditable for current and previous field details.

Once you have made your changes click the green tick to update the field then press the green save button in the field details row.

Adding new fields

To add a new field to your property, click blue + Add field. This will add another field to your list where you can define:

  • Field Name

  • Effective Date

  • Total Area

  • Effective Area

  • Irrigated or Non-Irrigated

  • Title (Owned or Rent)

  • Status (Active or Inactive)

If you add a field by mistake you can click the red rubbish bin at the end of the line to remove it.

NOTE: The combined area (total and effective) of your fields will decide the total area of your property.

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