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How to import all your fields at once

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When adding new fields to a property you can now import all of your fields in one bulk upload instead of manually entering individual fields.

To do this select the properties tab on the main taskbar and click Edit on the property you are wanting to import your fields.

From here select Import Fields

This opens up a new window where you can select your import file for uploading if you have already completed your filed import spreadsheet. If this is your first time using the bulk field import tool, select the Download Template button to create your own copy of the importing template.

Make sure you follow the conditions outlined in the popup window when completing the bulk field import template. This ensures all of your field information will upload correctly into Figured. An example of a correctly filled in template is provided below.

If you didn’t correctly fill out a line or item in the template you will be notified after clicking the import button as well as receiving an email detailing the failed lines. This will make it easy to find and edit the effected lines before reloading into Figured.

Once your import template is completed and in a CSV format, select your file from your computer and click Import.

Once the import has completed a summary will be provided that outlines how many rows were, completed, returned an error or were skipped. A brief outline will also be provided detailing why any rows were skipped or had an error when trying to import. This summary with also be emailed to your Figured email account. You can then click Done.

You should now see your fields pulling through into your property details. You can also delete the original field line that was automatically created when you first make your Figured farm, as this is a single field based on the size and effective area you entered on setup. This is done by clicking the red trash button.

Once you are happy with how your property is looking make sure to click the green Save button.

And just like that you’re good to go! You have successfully completed a bulk import of the fields on your farm.

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