Once your multi-farm has been enabled and setup on Figured you'll be able to move onto budgeting & reporting.


For your Production trackers you can be in either a Consolidated or individual farm view (using the dropdown) - Simply head into your tracker(s), and budget as you would any other production tracker on Figured.

For your Planning tab you will need to be in an individual farm view. This is because each individual farm can have its own unique budget.

You can however view your Planning tab at a Consolidated view, which makes it really easy to view your overall budget across all your farms.


To run a report in multi-farm, you’ll need to head into the Reports tab first and select the report of your choosing.

Using the drop down you can select whether you wish to report on a Consolidated view, or you can click into a subsidiary farm and report on that farm itself.

To get the most out of your reports, check out Export, Print, Copy, Share and Discuss.

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