The syncing of data between Xero and Figured happens automatically via a secure API.

Here’s what gets synced:

From Xero

  • Transactions you’ve added / edited in Xero

  • New contacts or changes to existing contacts

  • Changes to your chart of accounts 

From Figured

  • Actual transactions you’ve added in Figured (via one of the trackers) where you’ve ticked the box Post to Xero

  • Posted livestock valuation journals


Running a manual sync

If you need to sync Figured with Xero immediately, you are able to push through a manual sync.

You can do this by going to Settings > Xero Connection, or by clicking on the Xero icon in the bottom left hand corner.

These arrows will take you to your sync status page, displaying when your farm last synced to Xero, as well as showing any progress of a current sync if one is running.

Clicking Start will start your Xero sync, and the page will load to show you the current progress. 

If you wish, you are able to Stop an ongoing sync if you only need to sync one part (i.e. your chart of accounts).

Please note, when you set up your farm file the first initial sync will take a lot longer to pull all the data through. Once that first sync is complete, it will pick up to normal speeds.

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