The portfolio management page can be found under Your organisation > Portfolios

 Users who are a member of a Portfolio or have Admin access to the Organisation will be able to access this page. Administrators and Portfolio owners will also be able to View and Edit their own Portfolios.  If you do not have access to the Portfolio tab it means you don't belong to one and you will need to contact your Organisation Administrator to create a Portfolio or add you to an existing Portfolio.

Adding a Portfolio

Only an Organisational Admin can add a New Portfolio.  To do this click the ''Add New' button and then enter Name, Region, Owner, and Description.

Edit Portfolio

Once the Portfolio has been created you can add Users and Farms to it.  Simply click the 'Add New Person' or 'Add New Farm' buttons to do this.  Only Farms and Users that are part of your Organisation can be added to a Portfolio

How to change the owner of a Portfolio

To change the owner of a portfolio you just need to click the 'Edit Portfolio' button on the bottom right and change the owner.

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