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Create a Figured Demo Farm
Create a Figured Demo Farm

What you need to know about Figured Demo Farms and how to create one

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If you're not ready to create your own farm, don't have your accounting system set up yet, or want to show clients how Figured works, try a Figured Demo Farm.

The Figured Demo Farm is a free file based on the Figured Farm Manager Subscription and is not connected to an accounting system. It contains fictitious Actual and Forecast data and deletes after 30 days, so no need to remember to cancel.

Demo Farms contain various Trackers by default, however, you can delete unneeded Trackers to customise your demonstration.
​To create a Demo Farm File:

  1. Go to Farms on your main Figured dashboard (

  2. At the bottom of your screen select Create Demo Farm.

3. Name your Demo Farm and select Create.

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