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Insights: How often does the data sync?
Insights: How often does the data sync?

The frequency at which data syncs with the insights platform

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There are different classifications of data used by the Insights platform. Each of these is regularly updated to ensure accuracy. Listed below is a breakdown of each, and their respective frequencies.

Financial / Production / Area Data

  • Hourly - as changes occur to this data in Figured, the relevant financial and production reports are queued and processed each hour for Insights.

  • Monthly - with each new month, as the Horizon date changes, a full sync of the updated data is performed.

Health Score Data

  • Weekly - a full run and sync of Data Health data is performed each week

  • Immediately - if a Data Health score is re-calculated in the middle of the week, these results are immediately updated in Insights

Farm / User Data

  • Immediately - as properties on Farms, Users, Organisation as updated in Figured, Insights is immediately updated with the changes.

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