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Dynamic planning in Commercial Manager
Dynamic planning in Commercial Manager
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Dynamic or 'formula-based' planning is also available in the Commercial Manager subscription. Without the same agri-specific formulas available and explained in this article, you can select any account (or number of accounts) to base another singular account forecast on.

For example, you might know that a collection of cost of sales accounts are made up of a percentage or your income account. Linking these up with dynamic planning means you can forecast your income and then have those linked cost account/s automatically update, based on the percentage you specified.

This updates in real-time, once you update the forecast of the main account it will subsequently update the forecasted account/s you have linked to it.

Adding a dynamic transaction

When entering data in the planning grid, ensure you have switched to Dynamic Mode.

Then enter the details of the transaction i.e. in the example below, linking the Cost of Goods Sold account as 20% of the Sales account, paid out monthly.

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