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Understanding your main farm dashboard

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On every Financial Manager and Farm Manager farm, there's a dashboard available which can be accessed by selecting dashboard in the top left hand corner.

Depending on the type of farm you're on, the dashboard will show a range of things. These can include:

  • Your closing cash position & overdraft limit (graph)

  • Profit and loss for the year with forecast variance (graph)

  • Shortcuts to the production trackers you’ve set up

  • An audit log, detailing any major changes made in your account

  • Dairy financial summary for farms with milk trackers


Closing cash position graph

The closing cash position can be run for actuals, or actuals + forecasts by using the global date settings in the top-centre of your screen.

These numbers shown flow through from your cash flow report and display your Closing Cash Position each month based on the accounts you've got setup as banks in Figured (which you can see at any time under Accounting > Default bank). This is compared to your selected Annual Plan which can be changed in the Planning tab under Snapshots.

If you hover over any of the months, you’ll see the Closing Cash Position in more detail.

  You will also see a red line displayed on this graph that represents the overdraft limit set against your farm.

Variance by category graph

The variance by category can be run for actuals, or actuals + forecasts by using the global settings in the centre of your screen.

It pulls through the net profit of both the Annual Plan and actual + forecast and shows the variance between the two. It's essentially a visual representation of a full year variance P&L report for A + F vs Annual Plan.

With actuals + forecasts at the start and budget at the end, each bar is the variance between these for a particular report category.

Dairy Financial Summary

The Dairy Financial Summary is available for files with milk trackers. This financial summary calculates the Total Revenue and Total Expenses at a $/kgMS metric. This is done by taking operating income divided by milk production and total operating expenses divided by milk production. The easiest way to confirm those figures is by running the P&L report to see the total income and expenses. Please note you'll need to ensure you are running this with matching date settings.

Farm Business Structure

This new dashboard widget allows you to describe the entities and related parties that make up your business structure.

This feature enables you to paint a richer picture of your farm business in Figured. In future, Figured will be able to consolidate data to provide more insights for the overall farm business, so watch this space.

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