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Editing crop sale distributions
Editing crop sale distributions

How to adjust what crop season your sales relate to

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What is a distribution?

A distribution is you assigning where or what a crop sold relates to (i.e. the crop season), and it determines where the income sits in your financial reports.

Every crop sale in Figured must have a distribution created directly in the tracker or via an allocation.

When creating a new sale in the tracker, you can immediately distribute the sale to whichever trackers you need to.

Figured uses First In, First Out (FIFO) to determine the distribution when creating a new sale via the allocator.

Example & how to edit the distribution

Step 1: Allocate as a sale for the product Wheat Grain

You must select a product and enter a quantity when recording a sale via allocation.

Step 2: This creates an entry in the crop sales and product tracker page for you

Crop Sales:

Product Tracker:

It automatically distributes based on FIFO; in this case, it's distributed to the product tracker because I have no harvested Wheat Grain on hand from any of my Wheat trackers.

Step 3: Figured displays the sale in reports based on the distribution

My sale of Wheat Grain has been distributed to the wheat tracker, so it sits under Wheat Income.

Step 4: Edit the default distribution to change where it sits in the reports

Now that the distribution has changed, it sits in a different place in my reports, under Other Income, in this case with other sales that also are attributed to that.

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