What is a distribution?

A distribution is you directly saying where / what this crop sold relates to (i.e. the crop season), and it determines where the income sits in your financial reports.

Every crop sale in Figured must have a distribution, whether it's a sale which has been created directly in the tracker, or if it's a sale created via an allocation.

When creating a new sale in the tracker, you have the ability to immediately distribute to whichever trackers you need to.

When creating a new sale via the allocator, Figured uses First In, First Out (FIFO) to determine the distribution.

Example & how to edit the distribution

Step 1: Allocate as a sale for the product Wheat Grain

When recording a sale via allocation, you must select a product and enter a quantity.

Step 2: This creates an entry in the crop sales and product tracker page for you

It automatically distributes based on FIFO, in this case it's distributed to product tracker because I have no harvested Wheat Grain on hand from any of my Wheat trackers.

Step 3: Figured displays the sale in reports based on the distribution

My sale of Wheat Grain has been distributed to the product tracker, so it sits under Other Income.

Step 4: Edit the default distribution to change where it sits in reports

Because the allocator automatically distributed to the product tracker based on FIFO, I'd like that changed for it to be sitting under my Wheat 2021 tracker instead.

Now that the distribution has changed, it sits in a difference place in my reports.

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