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Why doesn't my bank balance in Figured match my accounting software?
Why doesn't my bank balance in Figured match my accounting software?
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There could be a few reasons you aren't seeing the balance as expected in Figured. Have a read below and see whether there are a few things you can check:

1. Try running a sync in Figured.

Any changes that you make to your accounting software will be synced with Figured every few hours through an automatic sync, however, if you are looking to see any updates in Figured immediately you should run a manual sync.

2. Check what bank accounts you have set up in Figured.

Figured pulls the balance of each bank account you've set up from the nominated bank accounts you've selected from your preferred accounting software. If you want to include the balance of other accounts or want to remove some, then you can reconfigure those under Accounting > Chart of Accounts > Bank Accounts.

3. Are you a multi-farm user?

If so, the drop-down at the top of your planning grid indicates what subsidiary farm you're viewing and subsequently what balance you'll be viewing. If you are in consolidated view, you'll be seeing a consolidated view of all the bank accounts.

4. Still not sure why your balances aren't matching up?

Send us a message via the green bubble, and we can look through it with you.

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