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Reporting & indicators in scenarios
Reporting & indicators in scenarios

Sharing reports and using indicators in the scenario tool

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Scenario Reporting

In your scenario proposition you will be shown a summary of each year in your scenario.

Further information on your scenario can be found in the ‘Reports’ tab.

You will have several financial reports available to view, along with the summary, these update automatically as you make changes to your proposition.

The reports available are:

  • Summary - this is the default report that will load

  • Profit & loss

  • Cash flow

  • Indicators

  • Balance sheet

Locking & Exporting

When you have competed your scenario you can lock this down to prevent any further edits being made. To do this head to the ‘Export’ tab and click ‘Lock Scenario’. Only users with Can Edit or higher access can lock and unlock scenarios.

If you do need to come back in after reviewing your scenario with an external user and make some adjustments, you can click the same button again to unlock the scenario and make your adjustments.

You're able to export all of these reports as a PDF. You will also do this on the ‘Export’ tab of the scenario. Select the report/reports you want to export then click ‘Download Reports’. This will then export your reports as a PDF file.

Indicators in Scenarios

Indicators are graphs that provide further visibility around various parts of your scenarios financial position.

They are available on your 'Reports' page, directly underneath your three financial reports.

NOTE: Indicators can be downloaded to PDF from the Export page

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