Setting a budget and re-forecasting
Keep on top of your forecasts with the rolling plan
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How do I approve a "budget"?

Planning in Figured now takes full of advantage of our forecasting. You'll build the farms plan in your actuals + forecasts view, and you'll only need to do it once.

When your plan information has been loaded in via your production trackers and the planning tab, the plan can be approved by taking your first snapshot. 

You can do this by clicking on the Approve plan button when in your planning tab, this will prompt you to take a snapshot which will be set as your Annual plan.

Annual plans are the snapshots that represent your approved plan for the farm that year.

NOTE: In your planning grid, the button will say Approve Plan or Take Snapshot depending on if any snapshots are present in the selected year already. Both function in the same way.

Re-forecasting with a rolling plan

Your approved plan snapshot can be treated as your baseline budget. You can continue to change and work in your forecast, and any changes that you make will not affect the data sitting in your snapshots - this means you can compare your current plan against any previous plans (snapshots).

We recommend taking a snapshot anytime you make a change to your plan.

If you need to make changes to your annual plan (budget), simply make the required changes in your forecasts, whether it be in your trackers or in the planning grid itself. Once you've made the changes to the forecast data, click the 'Take snapshot' button in the top right of the Planning grid - here you can set this as your new annual plan/budget.

For video tutorials on the planning grid check out your YouTube playlist here.

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