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A look into budgeting and forecasting

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A look into building out your forecast and annual plan in Figured. Your forecasts are live and update as you change them, and your annual plan is the first snapshot you take for the season (typically after entering all your forecasts).

The recommended workflow in Figured is to build out your forecast, approve your annual plan, and from there you can re-forecast throughout the year and take new snapshots as you require. Your annual plan remains unchanged throughout the year unless you wish to override it by taking another snapshot and selecting to set it as that years 'Annual Plan'.

Building your plan

Your plan in Figured is built in two places - your production trackers (held in your Operations tab) and your Planning grid.

Once your production forecasts have been built, you can move on to completing the rest of the forecasts in your planning grid.

The planning grid is where any other operating expenses or income are held, along with any non-operating movements such as your assets, liabilities, or capex etc.

Follow these numbers with the image below:

  1. To build out your plan first make sure you have the global date settings in the correct year

  2. You can enter your forecasts on a cash or profit view - or a combination of the two

  3. This button is used to approve a plan i.e. creating that year's annual plan. You can update this later if you wish to, using another snapshot as mentioned

  4. Any cells in your planning tab are able to be forecasted against, just like an Excel spreadsheet. Remember: tracker accounts are dealt with in the trackers themselves which is why they are greyed out in the planning grid

For video tutorials on the planning grid check out your YouTube playlist here.

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