The allocation tool is how you can allocate actual expenses sitting inside Xero to a tracker, or crop type, in Figured. This information flows through to your cost of production report.

The allocation tool can be accessed via your farms dashboard.


Setting up allocation rules

Because all of your Xero expenses will come through to your allocation tool, we recommend setting up some rules which will mean certain transactions will be automatically allocated somewhere or dismissed entirely.

On the screen that follows, you'll be able to view existing rules and setup existing rules.

To add a new rule, select Add rule.

You'll fill in this information based on what expenses you wish to be dealt with automatically. Rules need a Xero expense account and a Xero tracking option (such as Crop Type 2019).

For example, in the above I have set the following criteria for transactions flowing from Xero:

  • All transactions sitting against Crop - Seeds (regardless of date)
  • All transactions using the tracking option Wheat 19

That means that any transactions that match that criteria will then be automatically allocated to my crop type -> Wheat 19. 

There is no limit to the rules that you can create, and these edited and deleted at any stage.

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