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Allocator Rules - Dismiss All Non-Crop Transactions
Allocator Rules - Dismiss All Non-Crop Transactions

This is an article that helps dismiss all non-crop related transactions from the allocator in perpetuity.

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Why do this? A rule like this is good hygiene when dealing with a lot of transactions. It allows you to only see transactions that you will want to deal with and keeps your allocations clean of bulk data.

Automatically dismiss non-crop transactions, so when you come into the allocator, you only have the potentially crop-related transactions to sort through, making it much easier to keep up-to-date and accurate.

How to create a dismiss all future non-crop transactions allocator rule

Go to the allocator and click "Allocator Rules"

Then select "Add Rule"

Rule Setup

  • Give the rule a name like "Dismiss All Non-Crop Transactions"

  • Rule Duration - Always (this is for a rule that you want to work into the future indefinitely)

  • Tracking option you can leave as empty

  • Select all accounts - under accounts

  • Then, you need to unselect all accounts that are not related to crops by clicking the x's on the accounts you want to get rid of. If in doubt, leave them out

Then click save, and you'll be good to go!

Now, when you go to your allocator, you will only see a short list of transactions waiting to be allocated that are likely to be related to crops. This makes it much easier to keep your allocator clean and organised.

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