Adding a new livestock tracker

You can have as many livestock trackers as you wish, provided you have either a unique set of sales / purchase accounts setup or multi-farm enabled.

In your main Operations tab, hit Create new tracker and on the following page select your desired livestock type i.e. dairy cattle from the list provided.

To create a new livestock tracker, you'll need to enter a name and the desired account mapping. If you have enabled multi-farm, you'll see an additional option to choose which tracking option the tracker is assigned to.

NOTE: Single purchase and sale account mapping means you have one sales and purchase accounts for all of your stock classes i.e. Dairy Cattle - Sales.

Individual purchase and sale account mapping means you have a unique sales and purchase account for each stock class i.e. Bobby Calves - Sales, MA Cows - Sales.

Configuring your livestock tracker

On creation you'll be taken to the livestock tracker settings page, you can get back to this page at any stage by going to Operations > Trackers> Livestock tracker you want to go into > Tracker settings.

Here you can update the standard payment terms (defaulted to 2 weeks), stock weights, enabled stock classes, accounting software account mapping, and opening balances.

NOTE: New Zealand and Australian livestock trackers have an additional option to enable rations and map a rations and contra of rations accounts.

On creating a new livestock tracker, you'll be given a list of stock classes which you can choose to enable. You'll then be given to map the corresponding sale / purchase account for that stock class.

We recommend hiding disabled stock classes after enabling all stock classes - it makes your tracker settings look a little tidier! You can change that option at any time.

Once you're happy with the setup, hit Save at the bottom of the tracker.

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