Setting and managing the year and financial view (budget, actuals, or forecast) for your farm is simple and easy.

How do I change the year and financial view for my farm?

At the top of each page you will see a ribbon that allows you select the year, financial view and actuals to Month date for your farm. 

Once these options are selected, each page will display the relevant content based on your settings. 

The global setting affects almost all parts of Figured, however in some views you cannot use specific features or the selector is not used at all. That's explained below under exceptions.

The global settings bar is made up of three main parts that you can interact with, and the following additional information is displayed:

  • Current selected budget year - this is the year all pages will be shown for
  • Current financial view (budgets / actuals / forecasts) - this is the view all pages will be shown for - i.e. changing to budget will load your budgeted planning tab, budgeted trackers, and budgeted reports
  • Current actuals to selection - if actuals are selected, this is what month actuals data will be shown to on all pages


Customising your global settings

Clicking either the < or > buttons will move you backwards or forwards by one budget year.

Clicking on the current displayed year will drop down a comprehensive list of years, both in the past and in the future.

Clicking on the current financial view will allow you to switch between actuals, actuals + forecasts, and budget.

Clicking on the final dropdown for actuals to will allow you to switch to showing actual financial information to a specific month, today, or showing none at all which would be how you view your forecasts.


The global setting is not valid for all parts of the Figured product.

For example your end of year trading statements are only generated for actuals + end of your financial year thus you will not be able to generate one of these statements unless the settings are accurate first.

Attempting to do so will result in the below message.

On parts of Figured where the global setting is not used at all, like the settings page, the selector will be greyed out as it has no impact on the information displayed.

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