There are 4 types of trading statements available in Figured:

  • Milk (this has two options, the advanced one allows for comparisons)

  • Livestock

  • Wool

  • Cropping (this is for the old cropping tracker)

The original milk, livestock, wool, and cropping trading statement are actuals only.

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Trading statements are an end of year report in Figured that capture movements from your trackers and valuations windows, which shows in the report as:

  • Net cash proceeds

  • Gross surplus from trading

  • Closing stock on hand for the year

You can also select to include associated direct income and costs in the report by clicking on the Additional options button.

In the advanced milk trading statement, you're able to generate the report for your actuals / actuals + forecasts and toggle comparison data to check how you're tracking throughout your financial year. The new milk trading statement is also the only report that allows for variance reporting.

For video tutorials check out our reporting YouTube playlist here.

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