As farming conditions change, it’s important to keep a close eye on your business, so Figured gives you an adjustable budget and forecast to work with which we call the planning tab.

Check out the overview on budgets vs forecasts here.

Livestock and production tracker income and expenses

All livestock and production income information (actuals, forecasts, and budget) is entered and edited via each of your production trackers and automatically pulls through into your planning tab.

NOTE: These production figures will be uneditable in your planning tab because they originate from your production trackers.


Other income and expenses

All other income and expenses will be entered in your Planning tab. Ensure your global settings are set to Budget.


Fast trading adding in your transactions

There’s a variety of ways to enter all your budget and forecast transactions, depending on whether the amounts are fixed, or regularly change e.g. they fluctuate.

Fluctuate – If you’re budgeting for random or fluctuating amounts, then enter these manually.

Fixed – If you’re looking to spread a fixed amount across the year, choose a category and click on a cell.

A new window will appear at the bottom of the page, allowing you to copy or spread an amount.

Resetting an account for an entire year

If you want to reset any account for the year, click on the green arrow and set a fixed amount back to $0 per month.

Enter values as a positive - or a negative?

For your budgets and forecasts you need to enter your $ values against these accounts as either positives or negatives, depending on the account type and if you're wanting to reflect an increase or decrease in bank account balance.

This article breaks it down for the account types.

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