Creating detailed transactions

The account schedule allows you to enter detailed transactions

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In the planning grid, you can enter values at a summary view by default - enter them straight into the editable cells, and it will save for you automatically.

But you may need more detail for some transactions, like a Fertiliser or Feed purchase. You can do this by entering detailed transactions. These detailed transactions can be added to the account schedule screen.

Click the account name in the Planning Grid > Account Schedule to access the account schedule.

Once in there, you'll have greater control over what goes into your plan for the year.

Non-cash transactions

You can mark individual transactions as being accrual only if you need to. Enter an accrual date, mark it as non-cash, and you're ready.

Tax-exempt transactions

Figured calculates all your taxes based on your cloud-based accounting software’s chart of accounts. But sometimes, you need a one-off transaction with no tax calculation.

Switch out the default rate for no tax.

You can also choose to mark a transaction as tax-inclusive or exclusive.

Repeating detailed transactions

Simply enter the details and the repeat frequency of your detailed transaction and hit save. This will then automatically create the forecast transactions according to your repeat settings through to the end of the current season.

Once these forecasts have been created, you can also view them in the planning grid and change the value again without affecting any other repeated transactions.

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