Sales can be entered into your wool tracker from the main screen of the production tracker.

The option to do this can be found under Add Transaction, either as an actual or forecast.

To record a sale, you'll need the following information:

  • Sale (profit / accrual) and payment (cash) date

  • Whether amounts are tax inclusive or tax exclusive

  • Where you are posting to (actuals only)

  • Contact for help (actuals and when posting to preferred accounting software only)

  • Stock class

  • Quantity

  • Amount (total, per head, or per KG)

  • Tax rate

You can also choose to enter notes or a description, or a non-stock line such as the cost of freight on your sale.

If adding in a non-stock line transaction, please note the below:

  • Income must be entered as a positive number i.e. Bonus - +$1,000

  • Expenses must be entered as a negative number i.e. Freight - -$1,000

Once the details have been filled out, you can click Save Transaction. This will then flow through to your tracker and reports.

NOTE: If you enter a wool sale, it will always create a matching wool increase so that you are never selling wool you did not first shear. You can delete the increase transaction if not needed.

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