When viewing your chart of accounts in Figured, please be aware that Figured will pull in all data from Xero - including data you may not be able to see. 

This includes archived and deleted accounts.

If you've exported your chart of accounts in Xero and then re-imported (e.g. after creating new, or editing accounts), you'll notice in Figured that your chart of accounts have "doubled up".

This is because while Xero has overwritten the old account with the new (or merged the two), Figured is reading these as two unique accounts - one set has been "archived", and the other set is active. This is why the "doubled up" account has a warning saying that the account may have been archived or delete.

This will not affect any of your data inside of Figured, and you will not be able to accidentally map these "archived" accounts in your Production or Planning tabs.

If you experience any issues around this, please message the team via the green support button.

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