The tool allows you to enter values on either a Shared Monthly Value basis or a Different Monthly Values basis. 

To access the Management Valuation tool just pop into the Adviser Tab > Click Valuations > On the right hand side click into the Management Valuation tool beside the tracker you wish to work on. 

From the settings bar along the top of the page choose:

  • Financial Year from the drop down menu
  • What type of data you're working on from the drop down menu, either Budget, Actual + Forecast or just Actuals
  • If working with Actuals, choose the month you want to wish to be working with Actual to from the drop down menu. E.g when working with Actuals + Forecast, when working with Actuals to August - the beginning of the financial year to August will be Actual data and then from August until the end of the Financial year will be referencing Forecast data. 
  • From the Mode drop down menu wether you want to do Shared Monthly Values or Different Monthly Values 

Note: Make sure you click Update View if you change anything along the toolbar to generate the new settings.

Shared Monthly Value 

The Shared  Monthly Value Mode allows you to apply a one Value per head across each individual Stock Class that will be applied each month for that financial year. 

To complete the Valuations just go through and fill out the Value per head column for each stock class in your operation.

Once your happy with your valuations you just click Save Changes to update your reports.

If your working with Actuals you also have the option to Save and post the current months Value to Xero (It will default to the month you are showing actuals to). 

When you click Save and Post Value to Journal you will be redirected to a journal review page to check over before you post the manual journals through to Xero > when happy just click Post manual journals

Note: Once you have posted the journals through to Xero you can review these via the View Posted Journals Button 

A pop up window will appear with the Journal details and a link to View it in Xero

Different Monthly Values

The Different Monthly Values mode allows you to allocate a different value each month for each stock class in your operation. 

Just go through and fill out each value into the each cell for the correct month and stock class. 

Note: This mode has colour coding along the date toolbar to reflect what type of data your viewing.
Blue = Budget  
Orange = Forecast
Green = Actuals
Grey = Actual Values that have posted to Xero 

When working with actual data - if you have decided to Save and post a months Journal to Xero you'll notice that the months colour changes to grey. This is a quick queue to audit what values have been posted over.
To go back and post journals for prior years just change the showing actuals drop down and it will change the Journal posting month to match. E.g if its April but you had forgot to post July just change the Actuals to Menu to July and you'll notice that the journal button will change to say "Save and Post July Value to Xero" 

When working with Budget figures in this tool you'll notice the "Opening Column"
Because the Budget is stand alone it does not pick up any closing figures from the prior year to use as this years opening so you will need to manually enter them to calculate the valuation movement to flow into your reports. 

Your budget and forecast valuation movements will purely live in Figured and be reflected in your P&L report when viewing the budget or forecasts. 

All the values (budget, forecast and actuals) entered through the tool will appear in the P&L via the Stock on Hand and Valuation Movement accounts that you have mapped under the valuation settings. 

Just click on the values in the the P&L report to view the calculations behind the value. 

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