With your benchmark created & your data reviewed for accuracy, you can now move on to running your benchmarking report within a farm.

Step 1: Enable benchmarking for a farm

In order to access a benchmarking report for your farm(s), they must have benchmarking first enabled at an organisation level.

To do this, head to Your organisation > Farms > for each farm you wish to benchmark on, hit Enable.

Step 2: Generate the report

Head into your selected farm, and under Reports select Benchmarking.

On the following page, it'll list all of the available benchmarks.

You can run report which will generate a report for you in the background within a couple of minutes. Once the report has been run, you can then view report.

It'll display when the benchmark was last run so you know if the data within is up to date or not.

Step 3: Reading and sharing the report

You'll be able to toggle the graphs shown on your report based on the metrics entered in your benchmarking setup. And if you'd like to share the report - you can export to PDF just like all our other reports.

Further steps
Check out our FAQ section on benchmarking in Figured to get the most out of the tool!

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