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Personal billing setup

How to pay for a farm as an individual user

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If you are not part of an organisation on Figured and wish to continue having access to your farm(s) on Figured, you must update your personal billing information before the free trial expires.

Click on the user drop-down (your name) at the left of the Figured app, and select Billing & Subscriptions.

Click Payment Settings & Invoices, shown in the screenshot below.

In the popup select Payment Methods then enter in your payment details. You can set up a Direct Credit from your credit card or Direct Debit from your bank account.

NOTE: The secure payment processor Stripe processes your credit card and GoCardless your bank account details. Figured uses Chargebee to facilitate the billing process. Figured does not store or retain your credit card or bank account details as per the Figured terms and conditions (Section 1).

Once complete close the popup window and return to Figured.

You’ve now successfully set up your personal billing profile.

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