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Exporting and sharing reports
Exporting and sharing reports

Collaborate with the wider farming team by sharing reports straight from Figured

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All reports within Figured can be shared with the wider team and printed or copied into another system.

Once a report has been generated, you can use the Share Report button to share the report in several ways.

Exporting to a PDF

Reports can be exported to either a portrait or landscape PDF; this will automatically download/open on your computer and from there you can attach the PDF to an email or print it out.

Copy to clipboard

If you want to do further reporting in your reporting program of choice or paste the report directly into a Xero report pack, copy to clipboard is a great option.

It'll automatically copy the entire report (including formatting!) to your virtual clipboard, and you can paste this anywhere you would a normal report using CTRL + V/CMD + V/Right click -> Paste.


Saving and sharing a report with the wider team

Reports can be saved and shared with anyone directly from Figured itself - no need to export to PDF or copy the report. Instead, you can save the report to the farm and invite people in to view it directly.

To save a report, use Share report > Save report.

Once a report has been saved, you can access it anytime under Reports > Saved Reports.

Inside a saved report, you can then add any commentary on the report by clicking on a number. Multiple people can add comments simultaneously, and if any other people are viewing a saved report, you'll see an icon of their account appear on the report. Different users can also reply in a thread to comments to keep thoughts on the same item all in one place. You can also tag users with access to the report within your comments.

Check out the clip below showing how easy it is to comment and start a thread on a report and how it can be instantly shared with someone on the farm.

You will also receive in-app and email notifications when a different user replies to the comment or thread and when you are tagged.

Under the Actions menu you can hide any comments, mute notifications to suspend email notifications, export the report (including any comments) to PDF, copy the report, and archive the same report.

In-app, you can also see a small red dot next to the Reporting tab and a flag showing the number of reports with pending notifications. When notifications are muted, you will not receive emails for comments however they will still appear in your reporting tab flags.

To find a report you have archived go into Reports > Saved Reports > All Saved Reports and can be toggled on/off like the example below.

For video tutorials check out our reporting YouTube playlist here.

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