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New farm setup wizard
New farm setup wizard

Use our setup wizard to get your new farm up and running

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Whenever you make a new farm on Figured, you'll see a setup wizard appear.
The wizard must be completed before you can move on to the rest of your farm setup.

Step 1: Import accounts

This step will bring in your accounting software’s chart of accounts, once it's grabbed your bank accounts (nominated in your accounting software), it'll progress you to the next step.
Step 2: Confirm bank accounts

On the next step you'll be confirming what bank accounts you'd like to have in Figured - these will make up your opening and closing bank account balance.

Step 3: Select default bank account

Every farm has one default bank account.

Note: For Xero Cashbook users, this is the account that we'll use to raise spend or receive money transactions for any posted actuals.

NOTE: This step will only show accounts you setup as bank in the prior step.
Step 4: Automatic categorisation

The final step of your setup wizard will automatically categorise your your accounting software’s chart of accounts for you! It uses machine learning to look at thousands of other farms on Figured to see and understand how other farmers on Figured categorise their accounts.

You can hit Finish to continue setting up your farm, or Account configuration if you'd like to go straight to seeing how the accounts were categorised.

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