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Get Certified with Figured Learning
Get Certified with Figured Learning

Become a certified Figured user

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If you're looking to become an expert on Figured and become a certified Figured advisor in the process, then our certification program may be the one for you!

It's a program that spans all the different parts of Figured - from core concepts, to building a budget, to setting up a tracker, and everything in between - which then comes together with a final certification test.

You can log in with your Figured account which will then permanently store your progress through our certification program, simply head to Figured Learning hosted by Tovuti and click Sign in with SSO.

You will be prompted to Authorise Tovuti to access your information (like your name and email address).

Next up you will see your Figured Learning dashboard, which is where you can see an overview of your learning activity. Here is where you’ll see any certificates or badges earned, an overview of course activity, and any checklist progress when applicable.

You will be automatically assigned a course based on where you are in the world and what your role is on the farm - so you've got tailored content that fits what you'll be doing on Figured. You can access this content by heading to My Courses.

Upon completing your certification, we'll email you to let you know. You can also download it from your Learning Dashboard.

When your certification is due to expire, we will send you a reminder email to get re-certified!

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