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Adding someone to the farm

Adding, deleting, and modifying a users permissions on a farm

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Adding a new user

Figured is all about collaborating with the farming team and bringing everyone on board. With this in mind, Figured allows you to invite new users to access your farm and assign them a set level of access.

To invite a user, you must have can edit + adviser access to the farm.

Head into your farm select Settings > People > Invite person.

Once there, enter their email and set the permission level you wish them to have.

Permission levels

There are four levels of access to choose from:

  • Can view The user can view your trackers, plans, and reports but cannot make any changes

  • Can edit Can add and enter transactional data in trackers and create plans

  • Can edit + Adviser All of the above, can edit tracker settings, and can also access Valuations and Account journals

  • Can edit + Admin All of the above, as well make changes to billing

NOTE: You can only add a new user with the same level of access as yours or below.

Sending and accepting the invitation

Figured will show an invitation pending icon on the People page and this will stay in place until they’ve accepted your invitation.

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If the user didn’t receive the invite, delete them from the farm and re-add them to resend the invitation.

The invited user will receive an email from Figured, including an Accept your invitation page link.

Clicking on the page link will open a new window.

If you haven’t already registered for Figured you’ll need go through this process first.

The registration process just requires the user to set and confirm a password and then click Register.

Delete or edit user permissions

To change a users access level, head into Settings > People and click on the name of the person you wish to edit or remove.

In the screen that follows, you can adjust their access or remove them from the farm altogether.

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