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Importing & exporting in your production trackers
Importing & exporting in your production trackers

How to use the import and export tools to build budgets easily in your production trackers

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The import/export tools allow you to easily export out existing transactions in your production trackers and then import these back in to become next year's budget.

Accessing the import/export tools

The two options can be found by heading into your trackers and clicking the Tools button below.

Using the import/export tools - exporting

If you've already got existing transactions sitting in your production trackers, this is where you would export them all out and then import these into the following year's budget.

It can also be used to copy a stock reconciliation to another similar tracker.

When exporting you can choose to specify the following:

  • Year

  • Transaction type - all/actual/forecast

  • File name

  • File format - CSV/Excel

  • CSV style - Figured (you can import back to a Figured tracker) or Xero (import to Xero, you can't import this to Figured)

  • Email a copy of the exported file to a specified address

Using the import/export tools - importing

If you've recently exported some tracker transactions, or you've exported a blank file and created your tracker transactions - you can then instantly import them to your trackers using the import tool.

When importing you can specify the following:

  • Year

  • Whether you wish to adjust imported dates to this year - if you exported 2018 transactions and are importing them to 2019, you would check this box

  • Transaction type - actual / forecast

  • Keep or delete existing tracker transactions

If there are any errors with the import, Figured will let you know on screen and send an email to you detailing what wasn't imported.

NOTE: If you are importing inter-tracker transfers, in particular transfer in transactions, these will fail. This is because a transfer out must exist in order to have a transfer in.

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