Figured's UserVoice forum is a great way to introduce new ideas to Figured's development team and to show support for other users' ideas, as well as discuss the best way to approach a new feature so the final result suits your needs as well as theirs.

By seeing what requests are generating the most interest among our users, we can easily fast-track them into our product roadmap and get them actioned.

Getting to UserVoice

Head to the question mark icon in the app and click Give Feedback, alternatively the link to UserVoice is here.


UserVoice for your region

You're able to navigate to the UserVoice forum for your locale (NZ, AU, USA) simply by switching on the bottom right hand side of the initial UserVoice screen.

That way you'll be able to submit and review suggestions that fit for farming no matter where you're located!


Check if your idea exists

Navigate to the categories on the right and scroll through the various ideas that sit under them to see if someone has already logged your idea.

If so, you can add your support by clicking Vote or adding a Comment to discuss the idea with the other supporters.

You can opt-in to receive notifications on the status of this idea, so you'll email once it's live in the app or a summary and why it has not gone ahead.


Suggest a new idea

To create a new idea type it in the box beneath "I suggest you...".

You'll next be prompted to select a category, and fill out a description field, where you can explain your idea in further detail - the more details you enter, the better the team will be able to correctly interpret it and potentially implement it into the app for you.

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