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Figured’s Re-Forecaster tool allows you to quickly and efficiently enter your years forecast or budget month by month.

The tool can be found by heading into your trackers and clicking on the "Tools" button as shown below.

The Re-forecaster lets you customise what year and transaction type you're entering in:

  • choose to enter Budget or Forecasted transactions via dropdown menu
  • change the year via the arrows in the top right hand corner

Click the the stock class and transaction type you wish to work in (e.g R1 heifer purchases)

Go through and add the total figures of budgeted or forecasted transactions month by month (e.g total amount of R1 Purchases for the month of June 2016). There are options to enter the Quantity, Weight kg/head and amount – once those are all correct click the tick shown below to save the transaction and move onto the next month.


When creating Ageing transactions you only need to create an "Ageing Out" transaction as the "Ageing In" will automatically populate depending on what you've selected as the "Target Stock Class"

The re-forecaster tool is for a quick and summarised transaction entries – you can only add one line for a transaction type per month. So if you want budgets and forecasts to be more detailed (e.g specify dates of transactions and have multiple purchase lines within one month) it’s best to manually add Forecasted or Budget transactions line by line in the tracker.

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