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The total amount is automatically populated straight from Xero on an annual basis, so all you need to do is add in the stock numbers to match, you can also quickly build out your transactions on a monthly basis if you would like more detail in your reports. You’re able to enter Births, Purchase, Sale, Death, Ageing and Reconciling transactions for the year to quickly complete your stock reconciliation and generate the End of Year Trading Statements.


The Stock Balancer tool can be used with trackers that have single or individual mapped accounts per stock class. When using single mapping, the stock classes that aren’t being used  need to be filtered out. This can be done by heading into Production > [Tracker Name] > Tracker settings  then click on “Configure” under Enabled stock classes at the bottom of the page. You can then pick and choose the stock classes you wish to include in the Stock Balancer tool – for example if you’re only using one stock class (Cows) simply use the “Uncheck All” button and tick Cows. 


To access Stock Balancer, click on the “Production” tab and then click on “Stock Balancer” in the top right hand corner.

Alternatively, the Stock Balancer can be found in the Tools menu within each tracker.

You’ll then be taken to the stock balancer tool. From the tool bar you can choose which year and tracker you are working on as well as choosing wether you want to record the annual amounts or on a monthly basis.

A warning triangle will show when there is an unreconciled transaction. In the example above, there is an unreconciled balance of $-44,200 in Xero for MA Cow Sales thats not yet in Figured.

When working on the Annual setting clicking on the stock class quantity will bring up the box below, the total amount is automatically populated from Xero and all you need to do is add in the quantity to create the transaction in Figured.

When working on a monthly basis clicking on the cell will bring up the table below, here you are able to split the transactions out on a line by line basis per month instead of total for the year. At the moment you will need to manually split the financial figures out between the months. However going forward we are working on being able to bring those monthly totals in so all you’ll need to do is add the quantity like the annual function.

You can also enter the Weight Kg/head (live or carcass) for production reporting if you wish to add this level of detail.

Once you are happy click on the green tick to save. A message will pop up to confirm that the transaction was saved and the balance reconciled.


Stock Trackers with Individual mapping are configured using the same steps as above but instead of selecting only one stock class, now multiple can be chosen.

Once you’ve selected your stock classes, click “Save” and head into the “Stock Balancer” tool.

This will now show multiple stock classes and any unreconciled balances. In the example below 5 unreconciled sale transactions are displayed with the total of $-70,240.

In Annual View to create a quick transaction, just click on anyone of the fields and enter in the transactions quantities - the financial amount will be automatically populated from Xero.

When in the Monthly View, same process as previously mentioned, you can add multiple lines per stock class to populate monthly totals instead of annual totals.

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