Two factor authentication is an added layer of security to help ensure that your financial data is always secure. It is easy to set up and only requires your smartphone. 

To begin, login to your Figured account at and access your profile. 

Select the Two factor authentication tab

 And click Setup now.

Select your type of smartphone and ensure that you have downloaded the Google Authenticator app from the app store: 

Open the Google Authenticator app and select Begin setup. Start a new scan by selecting Scan barcode

Once the app scans the QR code you will see a 6-digit code displayed in the Google Authenticator app. Enter this code. 

You have now successfully set up two factor authentication for your Figured account. 

Now when you log into your Figured account you will be asked to enter the 6-digit code displayed in the Google Authenticator app. 

A new code is generated every 20 seconds so it is important to always open the Google Authenticator app first and enter the displayed code. 

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