What does the Figured + FarmIQ integration do?

The new data connection automatically transfers stock transactions into Figured as soon as data has been entered into FarmIQ. This allows the farmer’s accountant to get the stock information straight away, including deaths, births, sales and purchases.

The integration removes the pain of double entry, reduces inaccuracies between systems and saves time.

NOTE: It is important to note that financial data will not flow through from FarmIQ to Figured. All financial data for Figured will still come from Xero.

What do I need to be aware of before I connect?

Prior to connecting FarmIQ to Figured, there are three things you will need to check:

Aligning the aging dates

For the integration to work, you need to make sure that the aging date for your animals is the same in both FarmIQ and Figured so they will age up in both places on the same date.

In Figured, the animal aging date is determined by your financial year end date in Xero.

In FarmIQ, you set the animal aging date itself, so this will need to be set to the day after your financial year end date in Xero.

Set up your Animal types and Stock Classes in Figured

You need to have a tracker set up in Figured for each animal type, Sheep, Cattle and/or Deer, that you want to record data for.

For each tracker in Figured, you will need to select the stock classes you will be using for that tracker. This is so that you can match these to your stock classes in FarmIQ.

NOTE: If you have multiple trackers in Figured for the same stock type, for example beef cattle and dairy cattle, you will need to Contact FarmIQ support and have them help you set up your integration.

Match the stock numbers

You will want your stock numbers to match across both systems before the integration is set up. Make any necessary adjustments to your stock numbers before setting up the integration. Once the integration is set up, they will stay in sync. Any changes to your stock numbers in FarmIQ will also update Figured.

Can I change the integration settings later?

Yes, it is possible to change your integration set-up later on if anything changes such as changes to your stock classes, or if you have a new tracker. Just like setting up initially, this is done via the FarmIQ platform.

At Organisation level, click Office > Organisation details > General details.

  1. Click External company access.

  2. Click Edit in the Figured integration box.

  3. On the Summary page, click Edit next to the section with details you want to change.

  4. Make the required changes.

  5. Click Next on each page to navigate through the wizard until you reach the Summary page.

  6. On the Summary page, click Save.

How do I stop the connection later on?

If you need to terminate the integration between your FarmIQ farm and your Figured file, you can do so from the FarmIQ settings.

At Organisation level, click Office > Organisation details > General details.

  1. Click External company access.

  2. Click the switch in Figured integration box to turn off the connection.

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