Who can create and maintain the Figured + FarmIQ integration?

Figured Users:

  • Figured users must have at least edit access to a Farm in Figured to connect it with FarmIQ. If the user loses edit permissions to that farm, the integration will no longer work until edit permissions are reinstated.

FarmIQ Users:

  • FarmIQ users will need to have access to the ‘Organisational level’ of farm management in order to set up the FarmIQ - Figured integration. You can find out more about the user access level required here.

How to set up the Figured + FarmIQ Integration

You will set up the integration with Figured via FarmIQ settings so this is where you will need to start.

  1. At Organisation level, click Office > Organisation details > General details.

  2. Click External company access.

  3. Click Connect in the Figured integration box.

  4. On the Connect page:

  • Read the disclaimer before continuing.

  • Click Authorise and connect.

    • You will be redirected to Figured. You may need to log in to your Figured account to continue.

  • In Figured, click Authorise.

  • Once back on the Connect page of the setup wizard, click Next.

  1. On the Farms page:

  • For each FarmIQ farm that you want to integrate with Figured, select which Figured farm you want the data to go to.

    • You can select the same Figured farm to receive data from multiple FarmIQ farms.

  • Click Next.

  1. On the Configuration page:

  • Select the date that you want data to start flowing from FarmIQ into Figured.

  • Click Next.

  1. On the Stock page:

  • Match the stock classes you are using in FarmIQ to their equivalent in Figured.

    • If you have multiple trackers in Figured for the same stock type, for example dairy cattle and beef cattle, you will need to Contact FarmIQ support and have them help you to set up your Figured integration.

  • Click Next.

  1. On the Summary page:

  • Review your setup details.

  • If you want to change the details in any section of the integration setup, click Edit next to it on the summary page to return to that page of the wizard.

  • Make the required changes.

  • Click Next on each page to navigate through the wizard until you reach the Summary page.

  • Once back to the Summary page, click Save.

If you have any questions, please check out the FarmIQ Integration FAQ Help page here.

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