Dairy farmers registered with DairyBase who run their business on Figured, can give permission for their production & financial data to be automatically forwarded to DairyBase.

Save time and receive benchmarking data sooner by linking DairyBase to your farm in Figured.

  • Connect DairyBase in your Figured file – view the step by step guide, or

  • Contact the DairyBase team info@dairybase.co.nz or ph 07 858 3890 or chat to the Figured support team through the green chat bubble on our website for more support


How do i register for DairyBase?

You can Register with DairyBase online

Can I still participate if I don’t use Figured?

Yes. If you currently provide your financial information to DairyNZ for use in DairyBase you will still be able to do that using the existing process.

If you would like to join Figured get in touch with your Accountant or Figured Certified Advisor to get started

How will my production & financial data be used?

Your data will be anonymised and contribute to DairyBase benchmarking, and DairyNZ research, policy and advocacy work for the benefit of all dairy farmers.

What information will be needed in Figured?

Your livestock, milk production and financials for a season is required for DairyBase.

What if I am on Figured but don’t want to participate?

You control whether or not your data is shared with DairyBase through the settings on your Figured file. If you don't wish to participate any longer in submitting your data to DairyBase you can remove DairyBase from the file at any time.

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