Finalising with DairyBase is an important step to ensure your data is included in DairyBase benchmarking. Organisations can finalise their client’s Farms with DairyBase each season via the steps below.

If your practice has been setup in Figured as an organisation and you have Login to Farms or above access, then you will be able to finalise farms with DairyBase.

To finalise farms, from within your Organisation head to Tools -> DairyNZ DairyBase.

This will display all the farms your org has adviser access to which have the DairyBase org added to them. View our help guide here for more information on how to add DairyBase to Farms.

Use the Season selector to navigate to the season you wish to submit. You can either toggle the status for an individual farm or select multiple as use the buttons provided. You can switch the status of farms back to draft by following the same process.

Please note: DairyBase are still able to view a farm while in draft state for interim reporting.

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