Save time and access DairyBase benchmarking sooner by enabling your financial and production data to be automatically forwarded to DairyBase, via Figured. View this guide on how to enable this, along with frequently asked questions.

Add DairyBase as a trusted organisation

To add the DairyBase organisation to your farm, head to Settings -> Organisation.

This will display the Organisation page which lists all the organisations that currently have access to your farm. Select Add New Organisation

You will be displayed a list of all available organisation on Figured. Use the search box to find DairyNZ DairyBase. Press Give access and then Can View. The DairyBase organisation can only be granted Can View permissions to your farm. This allows DairyBase to view your farms data via the app and over our APIs but not edit anything.

You will then be required to enter in the contact details of a Farmer for the Farm. If there are multiple Farmers please enter the main contact person for DairyBase. This is important so that DairyBase can confirm they have the right people to contact.

Once Farmer contact details are entered, press Confirm. This will allow your data to be visible to DairyBase. DairyBase requires finalised data to produce benchmarking information, Organisations will need to indicate this by using the Finalise with DairyBase tool.

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