Who can create and maintain the Figured + Trev integration?

Figured Users:

  • Figured users must have at least edit access to a Farm in Figured to connect it with Trev. If the user loses edit permissions to that farm, the integration will no longer work until edit permissions are reinstated.

Trev Users:

  • For a Trev user to establish a connection to their Figured account they must have Full Access or Authorised access to a farm with a Trev Pro subscription.

  • Whichever Full Access or Authorised access level user initiates this Trev + Figured mapping will become the “owner” of this connection, and only this user can remove this connection.

  • The connection settings for a farm that is mapped to Figured can be updated by any user with Full Access or Authorised access to that farm in Trev.

  • Once a farm is mapped to Figured any user with sufficient access to create or edit data in Trev (Full Access, Authorised, Editor and Reporter) can alter the data that is pushed through to Figured. Please refer to the notes below regarding manual vs. auto-sync transmission options.

How to set up the Figured + Trev Integration

  1. To get started, navigate to the Figured integration via the Trev integrations page

  2. Authorise your Figured account by logging in and granting Trev required permissions

  3. Select the Trev farm which you would like to connect to and choose the corresponding Figured Farm from the drop-down

  4. To complete setup

    1. Set your desired sync from date

    2. Select the Purchase and Sales accounts you would like to map to the Tracker in Figured

    3. Check the stock and event mappings are correct

  5. You will now see a Trev Livestock tracker in your Figured Farm. This tracker is read-only so you can enter forecasts but actuals can only be synced from Trev.

  6. To begin sending data to Figured

    1. Navigate back to the Figured Integration page and select Manage data for the farm you want to sync

    2. Use the checkboxes and sync selected button to send individual transactions or use the sync all button to send all events to Figured

    3. Once completed the sync status of the transactions will change to successful

  7. You will now see the transactions from Trev in your Trev Livestock Tracker in Figured

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