What does the Figured + Trev integration do?

The Figured + Trev integration is all about getting your farm and financial data in sync for top-notch decision making. Integrating Figured and Trev aligns your operational and financial data to save time, reduce pain and increase your confidence in your records.

When you connect a Figured Farm (or multi-farm) to a farm in Trev, your livestock data from Trev will flow automatically into a read-only livestock tracker in Figured, saving on double-entry.

Who is it for?

Dairy farmers and their financial advisors and farm management team

What data is shared through the Figured + Trev integration?

The Figured + Trev integration enables the transmission of livestock data from Trev to Figured.

In this instance, livestock data refers to:

  • Opening livestock numbers as calculated for the “sync from” date

  • All livestock events with a date on or after the “sync from” date including Natural Increase, Purchase, Sold, Culls, Pet Foods, Deaths, Missing, Found, Lease In, Lease Out, Transfer In, Transfer Out, Class Change In, Class Change Out.

For more information on how to set up the integration see the Trev Integration Set-up article

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