Step 1: Call 0345 050 1234

The BCMS team will ask you for your 'secret word' from the Government Gateway so that they can authenticate your identity.

Step 2: Ask for your CTS Web Services credentials so that you can set up an integration.

The details you need to ask for are:

  • CTSO Reference Number (9 digit number, like 123-456-789)

  • CTS Web Services Password

  • Holding number and location name (9 digit number, like 12/123/1234)

Step 3: Ask to get the credentials emailed to you

Usually this can take up to a few days to get sent back to you. Once you receive them, you'll be ready to set up the integration!

Your CTS Web Services ID is not the same as your Government Gateway login.

If you use a herd management tool instead of entering data directly into BCMS, then you may have this information already.

Other ways to get the holding number

You can find your holding number when you log into BCMS, and it'll be on the home page.

For this farm, the holding number is 00/000/0000 and the location name is LOCATION-NAME. You may have multiple locations - Figured will need all of them.

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