Here at ACCOUNTING-FIRM, we use Xero and Figured to provide accounting services to you. It supports things like our end of year accounts process and VAT filing.

We'd like to slim down the number of questions that we have to ask you at the end of the year - we know that filling out a long form isn't fun! In order for us to reduce the number of questions about livestock, we'd like to integrate Figured with your BCMS/CTS Online account on a read-only basis. We won't be changing any of the data in your BCMS account.

By linking the two, we'll be able to see your cattle quantities, on & off farm movements, and build out your full year stock reconciliation. We'll then use that data to calculate things like your end of year valuation.

To do this, can you please send us your:

  • CTSO Reference Number

  • CTS Web Services Password

  • Your holding number and location name

If you use herd management software that syncs to BCMS, your CTS Web Services are the same credentials you used to link that to BCMS.

If you don't know your CTS Web Services details, please call BCMS on 0345 050 1234. When you call them, please specifically ask for those three things for the integration.

This information will be securely stored in a GDPR compliant way, and only used to pull read-only data from BCMS for your benefit.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us on PHONE-NUMBER.

Kind regards,


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