Step 1: Go to the Chart of Accounts page in Xero

This is found under Accounting > Advanced > Chart of Accounts in the Xero file.

Step 2: Export your current chart of accounts in Xero:

You'll now have a ChartOfAccounts.csv with your current chart of accounts.

Step 3: Add the accounts to your exported COA.

Open ChartOfAccounts.csv in Excel or another spreadsheet tool. Add the sales, purchase, valuations (direct costs and current asset) accounts from the BCMS accounts template available here.

Don't delete any of your existing accounts. Make sure to adapt the account codes to your current structure to maintain consistency. Click Save As and call this Chartofaccounts_BCMSincluded.csv (or just something different to the other files).

Step 4: Import the new adapted file into Xero

Click Import in Xero, and select your new COA to import.

NOTE: When asked "Does the file you are importing contain account balances", ensure you click "No/Don't Know".

Once you click Import, you can then click Confirm.

Now that you've got the BCMS accounts in Figured, you're ready to go with connecting the integration!

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