When setting up your integration, you will map to sales, purchase, and valuation accounts in Xero so that Figured can match the finances to your on-farm production. You won't be able to use the integration without these accounts, because Figured needs them to create quantities of livestock on hand.

BCMS account codes

This .csv file contains a set of sales & purchase accounts for beef & dairy stock class. We recommend that you change the account codes to suit your chart of accounts, and only include the accounts that you'll need (so if you're only creating a dairy tracker, you don't need the beef accounts).

To add them to your Chart of Accounts in Xero, you'll need to export your chart out of Xero, add the new accounts, and then import the chart back into Xero.

We strongly recommend that you get your accountant to do this, as there is the possibility of irreversibly deleting your Xero data if you do this incorrectly.

Please see this Xero guide on importing your chart of accounts.

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