In order to set up a BCMS integration, you'll need:

  1. Your accountant invited into Figured to enable the integration.

  2. Your CTSO Reference Number (9 digit code, like 123-456-789).

  3. Your CTS Web Services Password.

  4. Your holding number (like 00/000/0000) and location name

Your CTSO Reference Number is different to the credentials you use to log into CTS Online (that's the 12 digit government gateway ID). If you currently use herd management software, then the CTS Web Services ID and password are the same as what you use for that software.

If you don't know your credentials, then you can call BCMS on 0345 050 1234 or


Step 1 - Go to Settings > BCMS Integration

Note: you need your accountant invited into Figured to see this step. Reach out to our support team for more info.

Step 2 - Enter your CTS Web Services ID and Password

Step 3 - Enter your Holding Number & Location Name

Step 4 - Create your tracker by giving it a name

Enter a name for your herd, and then select what type of tracker you want to use (dairy or beef).

If you want to split your herd into both Dairy and Beef, then click + Add Another. Give both trackers unique names.

Step 5 - Map accounts

Step 6 - Create breed and sex rules

Having issues connecting?

If you are having issues connecting to BCMS via Figured, it is likely one of you credentials is wrong - it is likely that one of the following is incorrect:

  • CTS Reference Number

  • Web services password

  • Holding ID

You are able to confirm your Holding ID by logging into BCMS and checking - its also worth checking your Location name while you're there too.

If the Holding ID is correct, it is likely that either the CTS reference number or the Web services password is wrong. In this instance, you will need to contact BCMS for this information - the contact details are below:

BCMS: 0345 050 1234

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